My Latest Travels

My Latest Travels

Concert Photography

Concert Photography

Band PR and CD Images

Central Oregon Recording

1954 Otelah Place

Aspen Ridge

19541 Sugar Mill Loop

2017 Datsuns Around Bend

2018 Datsuns Around Bend

Courtney & Josh

Beaverton Bulldogs

2011 Pole Peddle Paddle

2011 Bend Premier Cup Soccer

2011 Oregon State XC Championships

2018 Bend Honda Turkey Bowl

Common Table 03.18.2012

Angela & Cody

2014 Bend Honda Turkey Bowl


2015 Bend Honda Turkey Bowl

Bend Fall Festival 2015

Bend Spring Festival 2016

Brian "Cuz" O'Hare Benefit @ Northside 4.10.16

Balloons over Bend

Care-aoke for a Cure

Ballroom Dancing

4 Peaks Music Festival 2017

2017 Subaru Outside Games - Bend

Broke Down Soak Down 2016

Munch & Music 2017

Munch & Music 2017

2018 Turkey Bowl

4 Peaks 2019

Breakfast with Santa 2019

Cascade Cycling Classic 2019

Breakfast with Santa 2019

Camp Taloali Wildfire Benefit

2021 Breakfast with Santa

Cascade School of Music

2012 Jim Jam

2012.11.9Tony Smiley @ Silver Moon

2012.12.8 Sol Seed & Strive Roots @ Silver Moon

2012.12.29 Subliminal @ Silver Moon

2013.1.11 Keez, Tony Smiley & Mowo w/ Northorn Lights @ Silver Moon.

2013.1.12 Necktie Killer @ Silver Moon.

2013.5.4 COSA Song of the Year Awards

2013.11.11 Phillip Barto Benefit Event

2014.7.4 Independence Day at Worthy Brewing with Strive Roots

2014.12.23 12 Bands of Christmas

2014.7.11 Summerfest

2015.8.7 Local Music Show @ The Tower Theatre

2015.11.21 Make A Band Showcase

2015.11.18 Make A Band Media Shoot - TODAY

2015.12.6 Drum Day V

2015.11.14 Curch of Neil

2015.9.25 Bend Roots Festival

2015.09.13 Dyslexic Prophets Media Shoot

2015.12.4 Chinups @ Silver Moon

2015.12.04 Fruition at the Domino Room

Corner Gospel Explosion at Old Stone Church 2.5.2016

Mowo @ The Tower 3.4.2016

Mowo @ The Tower 3.4.2016

Bend Roots Revival 2016

Bobby Lindstrom's Firetender CD Release Party

Bend Bulletin


Cosmonautical Press Photos

Bend Roots Revival 2015

Bend Roots Revival 2018

Bend Roots Revival 2014

Bend Roots Revival 2013

Bend Roots Revival 2019

Mike Wayock

Mike Wayock


Alyssa & Amanda

Ceara's Senior Photos

Schweitzer Family Photos

Schweitzer Family Photos

Cam's Senior Photos

Broken Down Guitars Media Shoot

Coyote Willow Media Shoot

Lemke Family Photos

Lemke Family Photos




Morrie's Senior Photos

Morrie's Senior Photos

Ceara Fall 2019

Ceara Maternity Shoot

BTS w/Tom Lupton and Jaide

Bend Mag Fly Fishing

Bend Mag Outdoor Gear

Bend's Little Libraries

Community Gardens

Bend Farmers Market

Bend Lifestyle Magazine Launch Party

Book a Librarian

Beat Beethoven 5K 2016

Bungee Jumping

Bonsai Beans

Cascade School of Music 1.18.2017


8x12's from the show

Local Artist Photo Project

Local Artist Photo Project



Fine Art

Fine Art